Saturday, September 18, 2010

1st Week of Preschool

We made it through the first week of preschool and not a tear in his eye. This week Bronx learned about the letter A. He brought an airplane for show and tell. Bronx made our family and wrote this book about him. This is what the book says:

The Story of Me
I am 3 years old. My birthday is April 27.
There are 4 people in my family and 0 pets. (He forgot that we have a dog).
These are the people in my family: Daddy, Mommy, Bentley, Bronx.
These are some things I like to do for fun: Go down the slide, go for walks.
My favorite food is apples.
My favorite animal is frogs.
My favorite book is all books.
You should get to know me. You will like me because they like to play on my swingset.

Jared and I laughed at what some of his responses were. He surprises us everyday with what he is learning and the things he picks up on. Life is too fast. It needs to slow down. Can't wait to see what he brings home for us next week.
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Monday, September 13, 2010


The kids were invited to Colten's birthday party at Orchard Lanes. I didn't even think they had bowling shoes so small. Carter was showing Bronx the ropes and would start from behind everyone and come running up to the ball and push it down the ramp. Bronx has now added that move to his book. They were having soo much fun. As you can see from the score, Bronx beat all of us. He loved bowling. Bentley wanted to go even when it wasn't her turn. It looks like we found a new hobby. Thanks Wheelers for inviting us. We had such a fun day.
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Friday, September 10, 2010

First Day of Preschool

We have been so excited for Bronx to start preschool that I thought he was actually starting a week before. The day finally came and Bronx was a little nervous. He wasn't really talking and he was making whimpering noises in the car. Before school we stopped off at his cousin McKay's house to take some pictures. The boys are so excited to be going to school together. I think that seeing McKay calmed Bronx down a lot. The boys play so well together and have soo much fun. We made it to school and Bronx got to sit and wait for the other kids before going down to where their preschool is. I told Bronx I will pick him up a little later and he said K and off we went. His teachers name is Miss Diana and is McKay's aunt. She is wonderful. When I went to pick Bronx up the door opened and he came out with his arms open and yelling MOMMY! He had a really good time. I was nervous that he would start to cry but he didn't. He was awesome. This year is going to be soo fun. My little man is growing up.
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Fall Ball

Salt Lake Community College fall baseball has begun. Uncle Mitch is the starting catcher. We can't be more proud of him and what he has accomplished. Baseball is such a huge part of our lives and Bronx loves everything about it. We always bring Bronx's bat and ball to the park so we can play like his uncle Mitch. The kids have soo much fun even though they don't just sit and watch they want to walk and play and retrieve foul balls. Can't wait for Spring ball to start. Good luck Mitch!
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Camping with Friends

We were fortunate to go up to Pineview and have dinner with some friends. The Mill's, Houston's, Smith's and us took up our foil dinners which Jared burned in the fire and roasted marshmellows. The kids played horseshoess. Jared and Micah had a run in with the law. Ok they were law wantabees. The caretaker came over and asked us to move our cars or pay. Jared and Micah explained that we were just up there to have dinner with our friends and that we will be gone that night. The caretaker gave us an hour. He kept circling our camp site and staring at us. Of course my husband can't keep his mouth shut so he started getting the caretaker all riled up. Someone asked to speak to the supervisor and they came and wanted to give us a ticket. Long story short Jared paid $15 and the cost was $14. They said here is your dollar and Jared said keep it as a tip. That didn't make them to happy. Either way they left and we had such a great time.
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Pinata Fun

We went to Chandler and Landons birthday party and Bronx and Bentley had their turn with the pinata. Of course the older kids were the ones to break it open but Bronx and Bentley took a couple of whacks. I was surprised that Bentley could even hold up the stick.
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