Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Kansas Trip

After our California trip Jared took Bronx to Kansas to watch his brother Mitch play baseball. They spent some time in a pool but mostly at the ball park.
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4th of July Weekend

We had soo much fun this 4th of July Weekend. There was soo much going on. We had fireworks over at our friends house. We had to wake Bronx up to go. Once he got a sparkler in his hands he was a happy camper.

Saturday morning we had breakfast with all of our neighbors and headed to catch the Layton parade. It somehow has become a tradition. Sit and watch the parade and then Bronx gets to ride all of the possible rides he can do. Aunt Brooke even bought Bronx his first pet. They were the African Miniature Frogs. They only lasted 2 weeks at our house. Bronx cried so we told him we would go to the pet store and get him something he can actually play with. Stay tuned for when that happens. Jared was also invited to play a Layton Alumni baseball game but the canceled it because the fireworks setup were taking place and didn't want players hitting baseballs into the fireworks. We were all bummed. Who doesn't want to see a bunch of old men run around the bases.

Later we found ourselves at a BBQ and Jared's uncle Garth's house. He has every barn animal you can think of so the kids had a fun time chasing the baby chicks and petting the pigs and goats. Later that evening we all headed up to Eden to watch the fireworks. Usually they are awesome but this year one of the speakers blew and it was a short program. We were all pretty disappointed. All in all our weekend was a blast.
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Bad Day to Wear White

Earlier this summer we spent a day over at the Calls house. If anyone knows Jenn they know she keeps a supply of red vine licorice at all times. Today was not a good day to put Bentley in something white. THANKS JEN! That piece of red licorice did keep her occupied for a long time. I also got a hint from Tanya to use Benzoperoxide to take the red out and it worked. I don't live in fear of red licorice any more.

Hudson and Bronx had fun that day jumping on the trampoline. Bronx would say that Hudson is his best friend. It is soo cute. Thanks Jen for a fun day.
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