Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Swim Lessons

Posted by PicasaBronx and Bentley had two sessions of swim lessons this Spring. Bronx is a fish and loves everything about the water. He is in level 1 and just had to have goggles so he can put his face under the water. Bentley is in the exploration level where they get acquainted with water. She has two teachers and loves the female teacher. One week the female was filling in as the supervisor and it was just the boy teacher. She would not go in the water. Not sure why but she loves the girl. Her instructor said that it would be best if Bentley repeated the exploration level. Bless her little heart.

Happy Birthday Papa Honey

Today was Papa Honey's 77th Birthday. Can't believe it has been two years since he went to live with our Heavenly Father. To remember him we wrote a special message on the balloons and sent them flying up to him in heaven so he could read them. Bronx just wanted to show Papa how well he could write his name. We will forever remember how much he meant to us. Love you Papa!

Easter 2012


We started Easter off at the Mannings house searching for eggs up in the orchard. This is the second year that we have dyed Easter eggs as well. For the second year we also tried this new egg dying technique where you place the eggs in this container and it will keep the dye in place and won't be as messy. Yeah, not so much. I left with more dye on my hands then on the actual egg. None the less the kids had fun.
Easter morning the kids came down and found what the Easter Bunny had left them. Bentley came down and saw Bronx getting his stuff out of his basket and started crying because she thought it was hers. We had to have a restart. We also started a new tradition this year and planted magic jelly beans. We planted them the night before and to our surprise the next morning found lollipops. If only these jelly beans worked all year round.
We finished Easter day with another Easter Egg hunt at the Frustacis. This year the kids had a number. They could only pick up eggs or toys with their number on them. Instead of the older kids finding their quota of eggs in 5 minutes the hunt lasted much longer. I think this will be a repeat for next year. To finish it all off we had our annual egg bust. I am not sure who actually won, but the develed eggs were delicious.