Monday, June 6, 2011


We did a combined Birthday Party for both kids this year. We had the party at Boondocks and we had a blast. Jared took Bronx over to laser tag and he told Bronx to stand in a corner and he was shooting everyone that went by. Both kids loved the arcades. Bentley was attached to her aunts. We loved getting together with everyone. Thanks to those that came and supported our children. We love you and the kids can't love you more than they already do...
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Saturday, June 4, 2011

Peace and Quiet

I had a chance to go with Jared to one of his conferences. Never thought that Idaho would be the conference I would choose to go to. I mean he did go to my favorite place in the world the week before, to Atlanta. He even decided to rub in my face that they had time to attend two Braves games. I thought that he needed to make it up to me. I was quite surprised to find that this qauint little town was so serene and relaxing. They have the cutest little shops and really good places to eat. We ate at this pub where the waitress looked like Holly Hunter and I don't remember saying anything or making a face but she put her hand on my shoulder and said you are soo cute. HELLO!!! I am not in High School anymore. Is there a reason why short people are always considered cute and nothing else. If I was nothing but legs would people say I was cute, probably not. I am sure other choice words would be said. I always get that and the only thing I can think of correlating with the word "cute" is being "short". To all my shorties out there, you are all beautiful, pretty and whatever else you want to tell yourself. Even though I was confused by being called cute, I really needed a little break and was glad this opportunity came up to travel with Jared. I really enjoyed myself and am thinking about bringing the whole family to experince McCall, Idaho.
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Ward Carnival

Bronx, Bentley and myself were adopted by the Smith Family and they took us to our ward carnival. Micah was Bronx's new best friend and even showed him some respect by farting in Micah's lap. Micah had said that their relationship had been a little crappy. Too funny!! No carnival would be complete without cottoncandy. Bronx didn't like his and Bentley liked hers a little too much. Thanks Smith family for showing us a good time.
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Syracuse Family Fun Center Field Trip

The last field trip of the year was at Syracuse Family Fun Center. They let the kids bowl a few frames and took the behind the scenes, which I have never seen myself. They went into the kitchen and saw their pizza being made and sampled a spoonful of Farr's ice cream. Bronx chose Brownie Bite. He did not like it so I just couldn't let him throw it away, so I ate it. It was really good. They then ate their pizza and played on the bounce houses. I think the field trip trumps the rest.
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