Tuesday, May 29, 2012

St. George


We spent a week in St. George to watch Mitch play baseball and Jared had some work as well. All Bronx wanted to do was play baseball in the front yard. I was weeks away from giving birth and couldn't bend down to pick up all the balls so Bronx got tired of it quick and we would only go through a few buckets. He wanted to hit the balls but not retrieve them. He might only want to be a Designated Hitter on his team. The cutest thing was when Bronx was teaching Bentley the proper techniques to batting. I think she has a long ways to go.
I also took the kids to Fiesta Fun and they had their first experience with miniature golfing. Bentley lasted one hole and she was off exploring the course. Bronx was a trooper and started to get the concept of it. There was a family of 5 all young kids ahead of us and they only lasted for half course, so I was proud that we finished. Later that day treated ourselves to an ice cream at Icebergs. Yummy!!
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