Monday, December 20, 2010

Halloween 2010

This year for Halloween Bronx wanted to be another dragon. Last year his costume looked like the Dragon off Mulan. I showed him this new dragon costume from the movie "How to Train Your Dragon" and he said he wanted the red dragon. After the red dragon costume doesn't fit him anymore he decided that the other dragon costume would be fine. Bentley was the turtle this year. Bronx looked soo cute when he wore it and Bentley is no different. We did the annual pumpkin visit to Garth's house and then headed down to Salt Lake where Bronx went trick or treating with his cousins. Even though it was rainy it was still a good Halloween.
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Black Island Farms Fieldtrip

Bronx had another fieldtrip at school. This time the preschool class went to Black Island Farms. The trip was special because Nana Manning and Brooke got to come. Even though it was wet and a little rainy they enjoyed the pumpkin picking and going down the slides.
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Sunday, December 19, 2010

Summertime Pics

The last days of summer are here. The kids helped Nana prepare her garden for winter and they take advantage of the last warm days to play in the water. Trips to feed the ducks and playing in the park. Before we know it it will be summer again...

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Saturday, December 18, 2010

LIke Father Like Son

Too funny for words...
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Lagoon Summer 2010

This was our one and only trip to Lagoon this summer. Last year we had season passes but failed to do a repeat. The kids have so much fun each time we go. We will definetly have to do passes next summer.
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Halloween Parade at School

At Bronx's preschool they had a Halloween Parade. All the kids dressed up in their costumes and went for a short walk down the street. Bronx was a dragon from the movie How to Train Your Dragon. He didn't want to wear his mask. Miss Diana does a lot of cute things for the kids.
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