Thursday, June 24, 2010

Another Beach Day

Bentley finally got in the sand. The only reason she started crying was because she ate some and didn't like it all that well. Other than that she crawled all in it.
This morning we went shell hunting and found a crab. We thought that we saved it from an uncertain death by seagulls but forgot about death by kids. The crab is still alive. Hope it makes it when we go back to the beach. Mom won the white T-shirt contest we had this morning. She found a shell bed by the rocks and was blindsided by a wave. She just stayed in there and found some pretty cool looking shells.
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Wednesday, June 23, 2010


We started the day at California Adventures and right off the bat we saw Mickey Mouse and there was hardly any line. We went to Bug's Life and rode all the kids rides. We only got 3 character pictures but they were the good ones. Bronx was hesitant to go but gave them a hug anyway and turned around with a big smile on his face to take a picture. The rides were worth the wait. Pirates of the Carribean has Johnny Depp in the ride and It's a Small World has disney characters all through it and some of the scenery has changed. It was changed for the better. The only downfall for the day besides the swelling feet and aching back from carrying sleeping babies was seeing Kobe Bryant with his family. By accident we chose a day when they were giving the LA Lakers a trophy during the parade. We didn't stick around for it we were riding the rides. Disneyland was a blast. Thanks for the Christmas present mom and dad.
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Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Day 3 at Newport

The forecast for the day said it was going to be chilly so we opted out of another beach day and headed to the movies to watch Toy Story 3. On the way to the movie theatres Bronx got to see a possum for the first time even though it wasn't alive he thought it was pretty cool. We also got to see a crime scene investigation where they had a body covered up. Not a great way to start the day if you ask me. Bronx also had his first experience peeing in a bottle. Hopefully this will be our last experience. There was no time to pull over and he was going to pee his pants. We had to do what we had to do. The movie was great. We all loved the movie. Bentley, however, did not want to be there so we all took our turns walking out with her.
After dinner Papa Frustaci took all the kids to get icecream along the boardwalk. Bronx wanted chocolate. Bentley got a frozen banana dipped in chocolate. It was a nice walk. Thank you Papa for the icecream!! We spent the rest of the night playing games.
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Monday, June 21, 2010

Day 2 at the Beach

Bentley has learned how to walk. She wants to walk everywhere all the time. There is a hallway at the beach house and Bentley walks back and forth. She think she is pretty cool.

Day 2 in Newport we spent at the beach. Bronx and Carter were in the waves. Carter's fear is becoming something of an after thought. It is like he dares the waves to come and get him. Even though Carter is pretty fast the waves did take him out a few times. After getting water logged the kids headed up to our fort and started playing in the sand. Bentley was content in her playpen as long as she had a cheeto in each hand. I thought my kids were getting too much sun but the next moring it turned to a tan. I love being Italian.
Jared, Matt and my dad made the traditional trek to Tito's for some shredded beef burittos. As far back as I can remember we have kept Titos in business with all the burritos my dad buys. Few more days til we hit Disneyland!!!

Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 1 of Family Vacation

It seemed like we would never get there. We drove all night and stopped in Las Vegas to see if we could get a room. Jared ran into the Silverton and they wanted $130 a night. We said forget that. Before Jared left the casino he stopped and put $100 on a hand of blackjack and won. Then he left a chip on and played another hand and won. He walked away up $200. That is a great way to start a vacation. We ended up staying in a hotel 10 mintues outside of Prim. The drain didn't work in our hotel room so when we got out of the walk in shower the whole bathroom floor was covered in water and the carpet was starting to get wet. Then I dumped Bentley's bottle in the sink and that didn't drain either. I wonder what the expression was on the maids face when she entered the room. We arrived to our final destination Newport Beach, California. Bronx kept asking us every 5 seconds if we were in California. He wanted his cousins and to see Mickey Mouse. We got to the beach house and headed for the beach to meet everyone else. Bronx and the sand became best friends. Bentley hates the water and the feeling of sand on her feet. Hopefully by the end of this trip she will be eating the sand. She was content in someone's arms. Bronx and Carter loved running away from the waves as they came on shore. They had a real good time. Jared kept seperating Bentley's neck and arm rolls to try to get that white skin that hasn't seen daylight get some sun. It was a great first day in Newport.
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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Memorial Day

Jared and I took the kids to Layton park on Memorial to let the kids feed the ducks. The bread didn't last long. It seems that everyone and their dog were at the park that day and ducks had their fair share of treats. Bronx was soo sweet to Bentley. He would hold her around the waist and kiss her head. It makes up for all those times when Bronx pushes her down and Bentley tries to bite him.
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Bentley's Party

The party was fun. Jared got the swing set put together and even though it was a little cold and windy outside all the kids didn't seem to mind. The company and food was great and Bentley loved eating her cake. Thanks to everyone for helping celebrate this special year that we have had with Little "B". She has brought such a fun loving spark to our family and can't imagine our lives with out her. LOVE YOU BENTLEY. Happy Birthday.
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Bentley's Birthday Day

We spent Bentley's Birthday at the hospital. We were just visiting family. Everyone is ok. I had recently purchased a set of 3 spring form cake pans and wanted to try them out. Let's just say the rainbow of M & M's helped disguise the many flaws of trying to layer the cakes. Not many people were that hungry so the nursing staff ended up with a late night snack.
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Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Turkey Hunt Part 2

Arts and crafts portion of the day. Jamie brought some finger paints and the kids had a blast. We had some trouble with the wind blowing all the papers all over and the paint would get on the clothes, luckily they were washable.

We all went for a four wheeler ride to a stream where the kids could go fishing. There is this spot where they bring troubled teens I guess and they survive off the land. Bronx is in one of their teepees that they made. He thought that was pretty cool.

Sunday came and we said our goodbyes to Bronx's new found friends. It wasn't a successful hunting trip for Jared. At least they actually saw turkeys this year. Even with that set back we still had a fairly good time once the snow melted and the sun came out.
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Turkey Hunt Part 1

This will count the second year that we have gone to Boulder, Utah for Turkey Hunting. Last year Jared and his buddies did not see a single turkey and I was one week away from delivering Bentley. Our fingers were crossed for better luck this year. This was what we woke up to the first morning of the Turkey Hunt, SNOW!! What were our chances. It was cold and the sun would come out and it seemed like it was going to be a good day, then the hail came. We spent the day in the trailer. Luckily we had movies and Jamie brought the kids some crafts and Bronx started to make himself a cool bracelet.

The second day turned out to be much better. The sun was out and Bronx got a chance to shoot his new bow that his dad bought him so he can scare the turkeys, just like his dad. Bronx doesn't shoot the turkeys he says he scares them.

Bentley had fun in the back of the trailer. Not many places she can be down on the ground without getting herself all muddy. She had fun with Camden.
We did spot a deer. The kids were able to pet it, ride it, and Bronx shot it with his bow but it lived. I was surprised that the deer ould let us get that close. It stayed in that same spot the whole camping trip.
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Monday, June 7, 2010

Mother's Day 2010

I had Jared's family over at my house this year for Mother's Day. This is the first holiday that I had at my house so you can see from the pictures above that I didn't really allow myself time to take pictures. Bentley is wearing the dress that her Nana Manning gave her for Easter. It was a nice beautiful day.
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Chuckie Cheese

On Bronx's birthday we took Bronx to Chuckie Cheese. Even though we had a party for him we wanted to acknowledge his actual birthday. Jared's family met us there to help celebrate.

Bentley cracks me up. She has soo many faces. She started sucking through a straw and because of this new discovery she didn't want to put the drink down. She was pretty good at tolerating all the rides and games. Although you could tell the night was getting to her by her facial expression in the picture above with Bronx. She seems really annoyed at something.

We could not get Bronx to sit down for a few minutes and eat. He just wanted to ride and play. He found this battleship game that he wanted to play over and over. He got pretty good at launching the missiles at those boats. Chuckie Cheese is fun but I don't mind waiting a few months before going again.

I can't believe how fast time flies by and there is nothing you can do to stop it. Bronx is becoming quite the grown up at such a young age. He already knows when to say "I do nofing." and telling me that is sister is crying because "she is just a boob." Other than those few moments he really is so polite and loving. It is such a joy to watch him grow and learn. I love you Bronx....

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Bronx's Birthday Party

For Bronx's 3rd Birthday we went to Layton's Classic Fun Center. Bronx wanted to do the inflatables and he loves arcades so this was a perfect place for both. We rented the spongebob room which had ninetendos and bubbles. All the kids thought thats fun.

Bronx had fun playing on the pirate's cove. It is a really fun area made up of obstacles and slides. His aunt Lexi and cousin Kailie took him once and from there on out he was fine on his own. He spent a good hour in that cove area. We played arcades and a lot of people chose to skate. I remember back in the day when I had my 16th surprise birthday part at the Classic in West Jordan. Things haven't changed that much except they added a few things.

Bronx's favorite part of the day of course were the presents. He got a lot of clothes, which were really needed, and a lot of fun summer toys. Thank you everyone for coming. We really had a good time. Bronx loves seeing his cousins and friends.
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