Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Bluejays Baseball


First year playing baseball. His number is 2 and he love batting last and playing a base. Baseball is Bronxs favorite sport, can't imagine why... He is mister chatting Kathy when he plays a base. Every player that is on the base you watch Bronx and he is making conversation with them. He is soo fun to watch. I am excited for next season. Love this kid.
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Camping in Dugway


We had a lot of firsts on this camping trip. First camping experience for Bailyr, first time sleeping in the toy trailer, first time Bronx and Bentley rode the little three wheeler other than on a driveway, first time eating pancake baggies, first propane tank in the fire, first time eating hobo dinners in the dark. But not the first time where we have enjoyed ourselves with family. We will be camping in Dugway again, such a great place...for riding.
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