Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Bentley and Aunt Danny

We love to spend time with Aunt Danielle. Whenever we head down to Salt Lake or know when Danielle has a day off we often call her and go hangout. Bentley is very spoiled by her aunts.
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Paul Millsap

The kids and I headed down to Salt Lake to spend time with my dad and found out that Paul Millsap was going to be at their local Albertsons. We took the kids over and we were 2nd in line. I don't think many people knew he was coming because we were there only 15 minutes before he showed up. I asked Bronx to say Pauls name and he said it. It was really cute. Paul gave a little snicker. Hopefully Paul will have a long career so Bronx will know who this autograph was from. Who knows though with the way the Jazz have been playing lately.
As we were leaving a lady approached us to say how cute she thought Bentley was and said that she looks like my husband. Well it wasn't my husband with us it was my DAD!! Either my father looks really young or I am older than I look. It made my dad's day.
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Friday, November 6, 2009

Happy Halloween!!

Halloween was crazy this year. We try to visit a lot of family and have to start early. We went up to Mountain Green to visit Grandpa and Grandma Robins. Then we went to Uncle Garths house where they display tons of pumpkins out on their porch. It is soo cool to see them all lit up at night. It really is a must every Halloween. Then we headed down to visit my parents. Bronx didn't want anything to do with his costume. Jared had to put it on his head and scare Rawley so that Bronx would want to do that same thing. He finally put it on but it didn't stay for long. Bentley is my little MONKEY... I can't help but kiss those huge cheeks.

When I took Bronx trick-or-treating he kept whining saying "Gau, Gau" I had no clue what he was referring to. I kept saying lets go to the next house for more candy. He was sluggish and didn't seem to be having any fun. Well I finally figured out that he was trying to say GUM after a million times saying it. I gave him some gum out of his bag and he started running from house to house. Seemed he like trick-or-treating after all.

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When I grow up...

Bronx loves baseball. Kind of hard not to love baseball in this family. He watchs his uncle Mitch play all the time. When JoAnn brought out the catcher's helmet Bronx knew just what to do. He could play baseball all day long if we let him. He wouldn't take off the helmet even to scratch his nose. He is getting so big.
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Wednesday, November 4, 2009

October Cousin Camp

Danielle and I decided that the cousins need to spend more time together. We are having a cousin camp every month. This month was the first camp day. All the cousins (in the state) and Lexi came over to my house. We made Halloween sugar cookies and played bingo. They had a really good time. I had to forwarn Heather what cookies she should look out for because Carter was sucking on his candy before decorating with it on his cookies. Can't wait for November.
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Mushy Mess

Bentley's first experience with mush was more than I expected it to be. She started off great and was trying to suck the spoon and when that wasn't working she got a little frustrated and let me know about it. The next couple of times she got the concept down and she loves her mush.
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