Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Paul Millsap

The kids and I headed down to Salt Lake to spend time with my dad and found out that Paul Millsap was going to be at their local Albertsons. We took the kids over and we were 2nd in line. I don't think many people knew he was coming because we were there only 15 minutes before he showed up. I asked Bronx to say Pauls name and he said it. It was really cute. Paul gave a little snicker. Hopefully Paul will have a long career so Bronx will know who this autograph was from. Who knows though with the way the Jazz have been playing lately.
As we were leaving a lady approached us to say how cute she thought Bentley was and said that she looks like my husband. Well it wasn't my husband with us it was my DAD!! Either my father looks really young or I am older than I look. It made my dad's day.
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