Sunday, April 18, 2010

Kangaroo Zoo

JoAnn and I took the kids to a place called Kangaroo Zoo. It is a warehouse full of inflateables. Bronx reminded me of a pin ball in a machine. He went 3 1/2 hours straight running from one slide to the next. At one point he started to have a little red headed follower. Bronx would keep looking over his shoulder to see if she was still following him. Bronx also showed his tough side that day when 2 older boys butted in front of him. Bronx put his fists up to his mouth and stared down the boysand said, "Do you want a piece of me?" One of the little boys said that this little boy is funny. I also ran into Stacey Johnson one of my college teammates. She was there with her little boy. It was a fun place. We will definetly be coming back.
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Fun Pics

Little Miss Mischeivious. She is so innocent with that smile of hers but Bentley gets into and onto just about anything.
Jared took the kids for a little joy ride in his parents yard. Bronx was holding Bentley. I told him to hang on to her for dear life. She has a little tongue action happening.
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Egg Bust!!

The Traditional Egg Bust!!! This tradition was started as far back as I can remember. Everyone picks a hard boiled egg. You go to a competitor and hit your egg on top of their egg and try to bust their egg. You have two chances with your egg the top and the bottom. You win if your egg is the only egg uncracked. When we would play this as little kids with our Great Grandpa Milne he would always win. Us kids could never figure out how he did it. It finally came out that grandpa would slide his knuckle over the egg just as you would hit it. I think that my own father has carried on that habit... Bronx thinks that it is fun and Bentley didn't need a competitor because she threw her egg on the ground. It is a fun tradition that hopefully will be past on through my kids.
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Easter 2010

Easter Day with the Frustacis was soo much fun. The kids were all anxious about the Easter Egg Hunt. There were more than 100 eggs to find. We had to lay down the rules. After the kids counted and got the first 20 then they were allowed 10 more and so on.. so everyone would have an even amount of eggs. It had snowed the night before and we thought we were going to have the hunt inside. At about 4 p.m. the snow had melted off the ground and it wasn't too cold. It turned out to be a pretty pleasant day. After the hunt the Easter Bunny called and said that he left a basket outside by the door for them. They all ran to the door and there was a basket full of suckers and cookies and all sorts of candy. THANK YOU EASTER BUNNY!!! I have a huge bag full of candy that hasn't been touched. Maybe I will save it for Halloween :)
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Coloring Easter Eggs

The Saturday night before Easter we went to Nana Frustaci's house with Aunt Lexi, Aunt Danny, and Uncle Matt and we colored easter eggs. This was Bronx's first experience with the yummy vinegar smell of color dye. He got ready with putting on Great Great Grandma Milne's apron and we were ready to go. I think the first egg he dropped in the color and it splashed. Bronx liked to color on the egg before dying it. We had eggs that were camoflauge, neon, and even monster looking eggs. I think they looked more like hippies than monsters. Bentley was in the high chair and Nana was entertaining her by picking up all the toys Bentley was dropping on the ground. Seems to be her favorite game lately. We colored 2 dozen eggs so we had enough for the Egg Bust.
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Manning Easter Egg Hunt

Saturday afternoon we went over to Grandma and Grandpa Mannings house and had the first Easter Egg Hunt. The Uncles hid the eggs up in the orchard and it seemed like all the eggs were found within 10 minutes. I am sure there are a few scragglers that grandpa will find later this spring. Bentley found her first easter egg inside a cinder block and kept wanting to put it in her basket and take it back out.
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Any Excuse to Build a Tent

Bronx had the stomach flu so we decided it would be fun to build a tent. We gathered a sheet and some blankets and draped them over a chair, couch, and a vacuum. Bronx thought it was pretty cool at first then it seemed like I spent more time in our tent than he did. I was pretty proud of our architecture skills.
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St. Patricks Day 2010

I thought that it would be a great idea to make green pancakes for Bronx in the shape of a shamrock. As you can see it didn't turn out exactly the way I wanted. Bronx wasn't sure he wanted to eat it. I don't think he believed me when I said that it was a pancake. He got his present of green soap, lotion, bubbles... everything was green. He doesn't quite get the concept yet.
We did make St. Patricks day Chocolate Chip Cookies that we died green. We packaged them cute and delivered them to Nana Manning, Nana Frustaci and Papa Honey. That was our exciting day. Maybe next year he will just pinch people not wearing green instead of a green light to pinch everyone he sees.
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