Thursday, July 21, 2011

Drive Inn

We went to the Drive Inn movie for Matt's Birthday and saw Green Lantern and the other movie that was playing was Thor. I don't remember the last time that I stayed awake for the second movie. Things never change because I barely made it through the first movie. Both kids eventually fell asleep and we left before the second one started. Lots of fun with good food and family. We need to do this more often.
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Summer Fun Activities

We have tried to do some fun things this summer and some of these ideas comes from the Family Fun Magazine. One day we made Whinnie the Pooh cookies out of Keebler Sandies and twix candy bars and marshmellows and then we made honey vanilla milkshakes. They were really good. Not a big honey fan but the shakes were great.

The kids are fishs out of water. They are fearless, which scares me a lot. I need to get the kids into swim lessons before the summer over. This day the wind was blowing and it wasn't too hot so the kids weren't as daring. We love going swimming at Grandma Kotters house.

The kids helped make their very own tie pal. We went to the DI and the kids got to pick out their own tie. Bentley actually picked out tie after Bronx didn't want to chose that one and look who ended up with it. The heads are filled with split peas so when the kids grab their tails and swing them in the air these snakes go pretty high.

Bronx, McKay and Bentley were really excited to go see Kung Fu Panda 2. We loved the first one soo much. Bronx would watch it over and over again, I am surprised that the DVD still works. Neither Jared or I had to leave with Bentley so it was a success. We thought the movie was very cute. Bronx has made up a kung fu dance. It is pretty funny.
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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Graduation BBQ

We had a BBQ with our friends and decided that we should try rice crispy treat popsicles. I think it went over well with the kids. Didn't think it would get this messy. They were really good dipped in marshmellow then carmel and covered with chocolate. I think this idea is a keeper. We will just have to keep a hose near by to clean of the kids. Congratulations Sam on your graduation!
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