Thursday, August 25, 2011

Wilson Pool Party

Thank you to the Wilson family for hosting a fun summer pool party. I asked Jared to put in a pool in our backyard after seeing yours. needless to say we will be coming over to your house to use yours because I am not getting one.
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Bountiful Parade

Can't believe we are here again. Time sure does fly. The parade was good this year. We have discovered that the closer you sit to the beginning of the parade route the more free stuff you get. So thank you to the person who stole Ruths chair in front of the bank forcing us to find another spot. It was well worth it.
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Lava Hot Springs

Went to Lava with the Smith Family. Jared met us up there and the kids surprise were two airsoft guns. Not sure whether they were gifts for the kids or for Jared. We had a blast with good food and good company. I tried my first Braut and I am glad that I did. Bronx picked one up and just started chowing down. He didn't tell the difference. Micah was resting under the tree and later found two little buddies getting closer and closer. Could have done without the wind and the mosquitos... I discovered on this trip that Bronx is allergic to these dang things.

The mosquito bite started on his forehead and by the next morning he couldn't open his eye. He was a trooper. Now we are a little more cautious about when we go inside at night and we bath in repellent.

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Friday, August 12, 2011

Cooper's Birthday Party

We went to Cooper's 9th Birthday party and the kids loved the slip and slide. They spent more time on their bums then they did on their feet. Isn't Bronx such a cheeser...
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Layton Parade 2011

We always enjoy ourselves when we go to the Layton Parade. This year we let the kids swim at Layton's Surf and Swim. We had a picnic in the park after the parade. We watched the fireworks which were beautiful. Great way to spend the 4th of July. Needless to stay the kids slept well that night.
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Punch staches

Nothing says summer like punch mustaches. Too funny!!
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