Monday, August 16, 2010


I had gotten some huge pieces of cardboard from work and thought it would be fun to build a fort out of them. The task was harder than I thought it was going to be. Jen and the boys came over and helped us out. We even gave the fort an arched roof with plants outside. The kids were loving it and then it started to rain. There is a reason why I call it our 3 hour fort because that is how long the fort lasted. Hudson and Bronx came inside when it started to rain but Brennick stuck it out and finally came it to let us know that the fort was no longer standing. All that hard work and it was gone. Bummer!! It was fun while it lasted. One of these days we will have to ressurrect the fort when we know the forecast.
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Camping in Boulder

I know that I said that did not really want to go back to Boulder this year but I lied. This time it wasn't hunting it was family camping so I was all for it. We took the kids on some 4 wheeler rides and it never fails, not 5 minutes goes by and Bentley is asleep. The kids would ride the 4 wheelers all day if they could. On the last day we made our way down to Lower Bounds Resivour. There was a rock at the edge of the water that Bentley sat on swishing her feet around in the water. Then she got up and started walking around and fell in the water. She fell in 3 times and that was it for her. We really had a good time down there. Bronx and Jared went fishing for the first time. Bronx looks like a little natural. They didn't catch anything but they didn't care. I think that Bronx and Bentley were getting too much mountain air because they started putting underwear on their heads. That is a sign that we need some good old air pollution and head home.

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Friday, August 13, 2010

Coolin' Off

It has been soo hot lately that we have to take advantage of the shade and keeping cool. Nana's house is just the place to do that. The kids played in the pool and love the hose. It was soo nice to cool down and let the kids be outside instead of cooping them up in the house.
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Montana Fun

After Cooper's baptism we all relaxed and had some fun watching the kids play in the lake and we had a beautiful landscape to look at. We also enjoy ourselves when we go up to Montana.
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Cooper's Baptism

We went up to Montana because Cooper Woods made a decision to be baptised. Cooper asked me to speak on baptism and I was soo excited that he wanted me to do that. OK I wasn't really that excited to speak but I am happy that I did. Cooper got the opportunity to get baptised in a small lake. Not a lot of people get that choice. My father got to baptise Cooper. It was a memorable day.
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