Sunday, March 20, 2011

Valentines 2011

What a fun day we had. Bronx and Bentley woke up in the morning to find heart shaped pink pancakes and valentine day gifts on the counter. Bentley was too happy. They loved their gifts and shirts. This is Bronx's first year for a valentine exchange. We took mini york peppermint patties and put flowers and hearts on them. Bronx wrote his name on all the valentines. He was excited to get home from school to see what everyone gave him. He got a play shovel full of gum, a stuffed monkey, lots and lots of candy. There are a lot of creative moms out there. We will have to do something fun next year.

The Wednesday after Valentines Day Brooke came by to give the kids a valentines gift and there was a vase of flowers at the front door. Jared was out of town and they were from him. The card read "Hope this puts a smile on your face". I was in total shock. In our history Jared has given me one flower. It was our first Valentines together 9 years ago and I came to the dorm room with a balloon full of stuff for him and he ran to the local gift shop and bought me a single rose with a teddy bear. Jared does not like to give flowers because they die. So, when these showed up on the door step I couldn't believe they came from him. It was one of the best surprises and Valentines that I have had.

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