Tuesday, November 29, 2011

St. George

We went to "The Crack" in St. George. The crack is a family tradition that I grew up with. It is a huge crack in the middle of a rock that is really narrow and you start from the top and work your way down. We always judged each other on fitness while going through the crack. If you made it you were good until next year. If you didn't you needed to spend a little more time at the gym. Brooke, Me, Bronx and Mitch made it through. Phil and Jared unfortunately will have to try again next year. Bronx thought we was pretty big going through it. JoAnn and Bentley stood from up top taking pictures and cheering us on. This is a must if you visit St. George.

We also visited Judd's candy store while we were there. This candy store used to by a penny candy store. Candy prices have gone up since I was a little girl but they still have tons of fun candies and old time candies that you can purchase. I gave each kid a basket to pick whatever candy they wanted and they walked away with only a few pieces of candy. I was willing to throw in handfuls of candy but I guess they weren't in the mood. Jared and I tried our first VOSE water. It really is cleaner tasting then regular tap water, but I wouldn't pay the price to drink it all the time. After Judd's store we went across the street to a park where they had a carousel that the kids rode on and they had this really cute water display that the kids got all wet in. Thanks Mitch for playing for Dixie so we can enjoy all that St. George has to offer.
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